Bernard D. Beitman, MD
Bernard D. Beitman, MD

Bernard D. Beitman, MD is a Visiting Professor at the University of Virginia and former Chair of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Missouri-Columbia. He attended Yale Medical School and completed a psychiatric residency at Stanford. Dr. Beitman has received two national awards for his psychotherapy training program and is internationally known for his research into the relationship between chest pain and panic disorder. In addition, he has edited two issues of Psychiatric Annals that focus on coincidences, and is the founder of Coincidence Studies.

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I specialize in helping people ages 18-45 with depression, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and/or interpersonal problems. In addition, I am developing expertise with High Functioning Asperger’s. I strive to help people discover abilities they do not know they have. I do not see people with a primary diagnosis of ADHD or substance abuse. I do psychotherapy alone and with medication management as well as medication management alone. In psychotherapy I will engage you in looking for patterns of thinking and interpersonal behavior that, if changed, will increase happiness and ability to function. My basic psychotherapeutic approach is described in Learning Psychotherapy.

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